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Seattle, WA | REMOTE


Python, Machine Learning Libraries (NumPy, Scikit-learn, Pandas, PyTorch, fastai, TensorFlow, Keras, Turi Create), Web Application Frameworks (Dash, Flask), MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, API’s, Geographic Information Systems, Heroku, Google Cloud Platform, Bash, Git, JavaScript, HTML, CSS








I'm a data scientist and full-stack engineer with experience in e-commerce, quantitative finance, farm tech, and working with early stage tech companies on leading data science initiatives. I am really passionate about leveraging data, machine learning and software to solve meaningful problems. Here are a few of my recently published public projects: https://medium.com/@perryrjohnson7

San Francisco, CA | REMOTE


Python, AWS (EC2, RDS, EMR, S3, etc.), DevOps (Linux, Docker, CircleCI, Ansible, Bash), databases (PostgreSQL), messaging (RabbitMQ), microservices, scraping, API integration








I am a DevOps/backend engineer with a wide range of experiences in data processing in startups, working with data scientists and occasionally doubling as one to make use of my training in academic science. My recent projects have been largely based on the tech stack above and their adjacent technologies, but I pick things up as needed. I could be useful for adding more coding power in Python, building microservices to be integrated into your existing systems, doing some Linux/AWS DevOps work, just to name a few.

Please visit my website (https://okomestudio.net) and tell me about your needs to see how I could help. Thank you!

St. Louis, MO | REMOTE


By Programming Languages: Python, Javascript (Node.js, Jquery, React), R, Shell (Bash, Cmd, Powershell), Visual Basic (VBA), Java, basic C++, Go, C#

By Platforms: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud (GCP), Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD), Microsoft (Azure , Office 365, Exchange, Windows, Windows Server, SQL Server, Hyper-V), Hashicorp Terraform & Vault

By Data Engineering: RDMS (SQL Server, Postgres, Sqlite, MySQL, KDB+, TimescaleDB, BigQuery, others), NoSql (Memcached, Redis, MongoDB, Cassandra, others), Message Queue - RabbitMQ/Celery, ØMQ, Apache Kafka, Big Data - Apache Spark, Airflow, Beam, Snowflake, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing - Gensim, NLTK, Spacy, ElasticSearch, Solr, Lucene, Web Scraping




Personal: www.ryansmccoy.com
Portfolio: github.com/ryansmccoy




I've spent the last 13 years designing and building mission-critical software and data solutions for customers in the Financial Markets, including Fortune 500 companies, Investment Managers, Hedge Funds, Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Data Vendors.

I've successfully developed cloud based web apps, custom dashboards, automated trading algorithms, factor replication & backtesting, quantamental process automation, distributed financial data pipelines, low-latency and high-throughput market data systems, natural language text analytics, Business Intelligence/Data Analytics, software/data architecture including micro-services, front, middle, back office automation, network security, and ETL systems; these systems are used in production environments around the world.

Hiring Companies. Remote.

Corbalt | Software Engineer | Remote | Full Time or Contract




Corbalt is a small startup working to build better software infrastructure for government.

Corbalt was born out of the problematic launch of healthcare.gov. We were part of the tech team that came in to help fix healthcare.gov and were inspired by how much everyone cared and worked hard to fix the site (from tech team members, to government contractors, and government employees), and how much progress we all made in a short time.

We're a small team with experience at Google, Palantir, Bell Labs, and Silicon Valley startups. We work remotely (currently USA only) by default and are spread across New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and California.

We build software in Go and Python (but it's not important that you already know these languages).

Among other things, we value kindness and growth-oriented mindsets on our teams.

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GitLab | Remote only | Full time




It’s an exciting time to join GitLab. As the world’s largest all-remote company, this is a place where you can contribute from almost anywhere. You’ll be part of an ambitious, productive team that embraces a set of shared values in everything we do.

We’re hiring throughout GitLab, including support engineers, engineering managers, security engineers, sales development representatives, technical writers, product managers, technical account managers, solutions architects, sales managers, and strategic account leaders. Browse our full list of open roles: https://about.gitlab.com/jobs

Learn more about life at GitLab: about.gitlab.com/jobs/faq

Distru | Senior Frontend Engineer, Senior Backend Engineer | Oakland, CA | REMOTE | Full-Time




Distru is a software platform for the cannabis supply chain. Our product helps cannabis companies manage production, sales, invoicing, and shipments, automating compliance with complicated state regulations that require real-time inventory tracking gram-by-gram. We are growing rapidly with over $700M in transactions per year passing through our platform, and we're uniquely positioned to define trade in the growing cannabis industry.

We are a lean 20 person engineering-focused team that includes early engineers from Opendoor and Heroku. We are hiring experienced engineers to help take our product to the next level. We love product-minded engineers that can own a feature across the frontend and backend, even if they're stronger at one side of that. Our tech stack is built from the ground up on Elixir/Phoenix, Postgres, React/Redux, and GraphQL.

After bootstrapping ourselves to profitability, we raised our seed round with Felicis Ventures, Village Global, Global Founders Capital, and notable angel investors including Elad Gil, Katie Stanton, and Avichal Garg.

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