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Meet Our Oldsters


Jack Goldenberg


As a Copywriter, Creative Director and marketer, I’ve spent my career disrupting industries and launching billion dollar products with innovative marketing concepts that opened new markets.

Companies I've Worked With

My portfolio is in almost every house in America—if they have a kid who likes Happy Meals, a Cabbage Patch doll in their basement or an instant scratch-off state lottery ticket in their wallet.


I’m a focused and motivational manager of people and ideas. I have a Cirque du Soleil-like ability to juggle myriad projects, deadlines and egos with skill and a calm, unflappable attitude.

I’m a good listener and I play well with others. I’m an Art Director's and client’s best friend. I’ve worked in just about every industry and a recent boss said I was, ”the best person she’s ever met with a blank piece of paper.”

Above all, I’m an engaging writer and storyteller who thinks like a marketer and writes like a wordsmith.

No matter what the industry or marketing challenge, from traditional to interactive, I have consistently created industry-breaking results.

Of course, I'm just as proud when I use my marketing talents to Pay it Forward:

  • I helped 300 families and individuals get a home and new job after hurricane Katrina.
  • For three years, I ran a campaign that fed 75,000 people a year a hot Thanksgiving dinner.
  • I launched International Earth Day two years after first (US) Earth Day with the support of the United Nations. If I can get the United Nations to back me, imagine what I can do for your business.

I also believe that with all I’ve accomplished, my best ideas are ahead of me.